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11-07-2012, 12:11 PM
ok, their characterization of us pancaking about it being op is not being done correctly at all, no one is worried about the console powers. its the stats, the runabouts, and the bursting ability with cannons that no sci ship has ever had. now you can take a sci ship into a match, and have a ship that can also hit 75% as hard as an escort with no down side at all. the sci ship is supposed to set up a kill for an escort, wile dealing little real damage itself. now this just adds a huge extra chunk of burst to the equation, making it significantly more likely that the befuddled target is getting killed.

this kdf player isn't especially torn up that there isn't an equivalent, the karfi already sort of is. wish it had a different looking skin though, something more klingon like, hate the look of that thing.

according to geko the DHCs rely only on aux and not weapons, making 1 of the 4 subsystems worthless to the vesta, and is 1 less thing it will have to invest in, so you can min max everything else harder. aux is the most important thing on a sci ship, it can have all its sci ability at peak performance and have its DHCs deal max damage, balance would be 1 or the other not both at once.

even the neg var with 2 turn consoles can use DHCs well, not to mention the vorcha and fleet ktinga. a 13 turn on a ship with so much hold potential is overkill, there will be 0 trouble using DHCs on this.

thank god it was mentioned that runabouts will have less tractor up time though. them having shields and 20K hull is way to much though, thats like 10 times as much hitpoints as every other non frigate pet. they cant be killed faster then they can spawn due to that when you are trying to actually kill them.

and sci consoles, them being of little value and used only as dump locations is an outdated 'problem', its not a problem at all anymore. flow consoles buff the weapons procs on tet and pol weapons, and the tet glider. particle gens buff the damage of iso, eject warp plasma, TBR, and a few other things. shield emitters buff shield healing, healers stack a bunch of those, and of course the field gens for shield hitpoints. if anything eng consoles are more dump consoles anymore, i always run ether all flow or all particle in my sci slots.
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