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and sci consoles, them being of little value and used only as dump locations is an outdated 'problem', its not a problem at all anymore. flow consoles buff the weapons procs on tet and pol weapons, and the tet glider. particle gens buff the damage of iso, eject warp plasma, TBR, and a few other things. shield emitters buff shield healing, healers stack a bunch of those, and of course the field gens for shield hitpoints. if anything eng consoles are more dump consoles anymore, i always run ether all flow or all particle in my sci slots.
That will be an even more outdated problem with the Embassy Sci Consoles hitting the scene S7 -- Threat increase or reduction, plus to any Sci Skill, and procs like hull regen or plasma damage added any energy weapon in a single Sci Console makes having a ship with 5x Sci Consoles look pretty good. Edit: Ack, hadn't got that far in the podcast when I posted (had to pause it with all the complaining about Klingons complaining...) but the embassy consoles were what they were talking about.

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Yes we know it will be available with Season Seven but what we do not know is when will Season Seven be released! Some say this Thursday but BranFlakes says it will not be. Some are saying it will next week. Most us just want the Vesta Class and can care less about the release date of Season Seven!
I want the Vesta too, but I'd rather they fix a large portion of the issues seen on Tribble before it goes live on Holodeck. So, I'm very much hoping it's 'when Season 7 is ready' and not an arbitrary date being upheld to get ship sells in. Still, very likely to be very soon as they don't want the hype around the Vesta to die down too much before it's release.

Edit 2:
A bit of summary for those that don't want to listen to it at all, or couldn't stand the constant complaining about Klingons complaining to get through it:

-Aux DHCs can only be mounted on the Vesta
-The 'Quantum Field Focus Controller' Phaser deflector thing is a fire over time weapon (10 sec?), it's not a quick fire and done like the Spinal Phaser or the Phaser Lotus
-Sympathetic Fermion Transceiver is an AoE heal, they didn't mention the range on it, also an over time heal (15 sec?)
-Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module gets you out of any hold/slow, repels things nearby, and reflects incoming damage as gravity pulses at the sender. So the get out of things ability of APO/Polarize Hull, tractor replusers, and a something similar to the proc that DOffs can give to Polarize Hull in a single console. Basically a stay out respawn timer button for STFs.
-Chroniton Integrated Quantum Slipsteam (2-piece set bonus) is something like 2 transwarp(numbers were off his head and may be inaccurate) faster than standard slipstream, and has 4x the turnrate.
-Quantum Focused Shield Bubble (3-piece set bonus) is nearly complete protection, and make you immune to Ramming Speed. I think that means you can hit this and then use ramming speed to damage something else without exploding. You can fire off defensive powers like heals, but not quite sure if he meant that offensive powers like Gravity Wells couldn't be fired off (mentions 'weapon powers')
-28K hull instead of the 27.8K listed on the last blog (due to a 'rounding error'?)
-Size tweaked of the Vesta (smaller than in the books for the model)
-Can fit 3x Aux cannons
-Longer global cooldowns for tractor beams on Danube pets (for all, not just Vesta pets)
-Discussion of the upcoming Romulan Reputation Science conoles to make 'Science Consoles more useful'. Basically Threat increase or reduction, plus to any Sci Skill, and procs like hull regen or plasma damage added any energy weapon in a single Sci Console.

*All stats still subject to change, based on testing. I also may have heard something wrong.

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