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Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post

I see you've bought into the escorts are OP argument when no serious top level pvp teams field more than two due to the liability to the teams welfare. How much more effectively would you like cruisers to be able to protect ships? THAT'S exactly what cruisers are designed and balanced around...

Perhaps you mean engineers?
I never said escorts are OP... One-on-one, a cruiser can effectively stand up to anything an escort can dish out.

I'm saying that cruisers can't effectively protect any ship besides themselves in PvP, so they're not good at the traditional "tanking" role. They can't soak damage on behalf of another ship and they're not a big enough threat to distract escorts from making their attack runs and focusing fire.

Whereas escorts have an innate advantage in damage even without BOFF abilities, cruisers do NOT have any innate advantages in protecting other ships... their ability to protect their allies is completely dependent on BOFF abilities -- many of which can not affect more than one ally at a time and are then subject to cooldown. And those are at least partly offset by the BOFF abilities of the escort class to boost damage output.

The only advantage a cruiser might be said to have is the ability to soak up a little more damage while they're buffing up their teammates. But using their BOFF's to heal up teammates means those defensive powers might not be available to keep themselves from going kaboom. It really only makes a big difference when cruisers are reinforcing other cruisers. Otherwise, one cruiser can only really defend one ship at a time. You'd basically need at least one cruiser for each of any other kind of ship... not necessarily a bad thing except that you have to sacrifice manuverability and DPS to do it.

I wish Roach's suggestion about blocking LOS could be effectively incorporated into the game. It might solve some of the issues. It could be sort of a "poor man's" Extend Shields in a way that's not too overpowered and let cruisers play to their real strength at soaking up damage and get out in front of the weaker ships.

I do agree that "taunt" is a bad mechanic for STO PvP combat and there are enough of those kinds of CC abilities that we don't need one more flavor.
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