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11-07-2012, 02:13 PM
I think the main issue with the lack of numbers which gave people a idea of where others are going (accurate or not if everyone things 'infected' is popular they go there). You can only queue in 3 places which I can understand but has we get more missions to queue for that number gets tighter and and tighter (yay for more variety by the way).

I can personally think of 2 ideas quickly to help with this one is increase how many you can queue for. Another which sounds cooler to me is the ability to queue for random missions of a particular type. What I mean is that for example you could queue normally or queue for 'random romulan mark mission' or 'random fleet mark mission etc etc. Giving a incentive to queue for this I personally am not that fussed for but perhaps that might be a thing.

Maybe this is all crazy talk I do not mind either way I jsut hope I gave some sort of useful feedback!

Have fun.