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But it was, kinda. Let me explain.

The reason we decided to remove the number of players displayed in the queue is because the information being reported was inaccurate. It would often times report a false number of players queued for individual events. In reality there are thousands of game servers across the shard constantly running all the different events, but the previous column in the queue UI was under-and-over representing the number of players. The information being reported was in most cases only a small slice of how many people were in each queue.

We've removed this column for Season 7 because we do not feel it was reporting queue population properly and was giving false positives, when in fact most events are busy around the clock. Other popular MMO games do not display population in queues and manage just fine, so we are going to leave this column out for the S7 launch and see how it goes under a full population of users.

As we move forward, if it turns into a bigger issue, we will investigate ways in which we can show players how "hot" some queues are, but this will require the tech wizards to find a way to report on the number of players in queues more accurately so that we can display the proper information.

We appreciate that it feels "weird" now on Tribble (where there are only a few hundred players playing at any given moment), but we ask that you wait and see how it goes under full Holodeck load. Our expectation is that players will still be able to get into queues as quickly as they could prior to S7.


Brandon =/\=

If it was broken, and the data was wrong then thats one issue. it never looked wrong, at least at the slower times but i guess we players can only see one side of the fence.

i appreciate that if there are thousands of people queueing and the system only represents it as small figures due to the ever constant changing nature of people entering queues and games then that is understandable, but if there is anyway to accurately show the numbers, or average waiting time or something then that would be much appreciated.

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