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Originally Posted by stargazer918 View Post
Long term:
Expansion of systems and more socially accessable planets. Not just empty shells but planets and settlements we can interact with.

An improved chat system, that can filter certain things you want/don`t want!

More races to play with i.e Romulan/Borg, with specific PvE actions and a episode based campaign.

More ships to get as freebies when we rank up, we want to be able to get refits and other ships without spending an arm and a leg!

Mid term: fleet vs fleet actions!!

Short term: maintance of the servers!
must say i agree whole heartily to this with a few added things.

Since we have gotten and maybe will get more races, i dont see a reason NOT to be able to change race, to buy a new race only to HAVE TO start all over again makes races very little wanted.

and remove this forum posting restriction, im a veteran player and have before posted alot before, strange enough it stood last login 1969 XD but now it says im restricted to only answer posts until 10 days after registration which now is since f2p was availible and i still cant post new threads