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Collective, a distiguished fleet in Star Trek Online, is a fleet comprising of professionals in the media industry. If you are a writer, actor, DJ, web site designer, sculpter, painter, artist, song writer, singer, spokesperson, or any other field that is media related, then this is definately worth reading. If your life is full, but you want to join the game in a more leisurely fashiion, then this fleet is also the one for you.

Collective was originally created during Open Beta, and with the erasing of the data to prepare for the go live, Collective was formed again before the official first day of Star Trek Online.

Originally a fleet of only life-time membership holders, we found that we were alienating family and friends that could not afford the lifetime membership fee. To this end, we consider ourselves Borg (the reward for having a life-time membership) centric, but not Borg only.

Many of our more active players insisted on removing the less active players from our roster. However, in this "less active" roster hid some lesser and greater known (ie. famous) personalities along with college students, at least one person that was hospitalized, a few divorce cases, at least one recently married couple, and military personnel. Upon the refusal to "clean-up" the roster, these members with a few others created a new fleet.

At that time, we realized that those that have lives outside of the game have reasons that they are not in the game much. We also realized there were good reasons for many of them, but several kept their personal information to themselves (rightfully so). Also realizing that several of us work with media, we decided to direct ourselves to our roots.

So, if you live a life that is full and want to play without pressure to make the game your life priority, then this is the fleet for you. If you are a writer, actor, presenter (DJ), artist, or otherwise affiliated with media, then you will fit right in.

Give us a try, help us build Space Station Hansen, and enjoy life with STO as a great social medium to meet and just enjoy the time with others of like mind in Collective.