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11-07-2012, 03:25 PM
Hate to say this, but this is probably going to end up the same way the defiant bridge pack did. For those of you not familiar with this bridge pack, first off don't buy it. It's an awesome defiant class like bridge, all with different lighting variations, etc. However the carpets do not load properly, for example, the vivid bridge is supposed to have red/black carpet, another of the variations is black/blue. The problem is there is a texture load error so all of the bridges load with the same two tone beige carpet that looks more like a placeholder than an actual texture.

There were a number of us that had bought the bridge pack (it was a c-store pack) that were placing bug tickets and posting on the forums. At first we were getting the typical copy n paste responses from CS that had nothing to do with the problem. Then finally after I think it was the 6th bug ticket I finally got someone asking for screenshots so they could pass it on to the dev team. Of course it never went further than that, they closed the bug ticket and never responded to any more tickets about it since then to any of us. Neither did we ever get any type of response on the forums either.

I hate to say it dude but the people telling you that now that they got your money for it they won't fix it, yeah their kinda right on this one.