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11-07-2012, 03:27 PM
The KFD generally isn't overpowered. The only overpowered ship in this game is the Jem'hadar bug ship. (5 tac consoles, cruiser level shielding, highest escort level hull, two universal Lt. slots, turn rate one less than a get the idea). Sure, they can be beat in 1v1, but not if the captain behind the ship is worth his salt.

With that said, there are no overpowered KFD ships in this game. BoP suffer a severe hull weakness. All it takes is one snag in a tractor beam backed with a dual beam bank overload III and that BoP is history. The only OP build on the KFD side is that <insert profane remarks here> KFD energy drain built carrier that drains ALL of your subsystem power and cannot be resisted. The build uses Plasmonic Leech, Aceton Assimilators, Power siphon drones, energy siphon, tykens rift, beam target engines, and viral matrix. After you get hit with that you'd be lucky to make it out alive. With no power your ship is a sitting duck. Sure, half of those abilities will wear off in 30 seconds, but really, how long does it take a Klingon escort to deal 36-50K damage to an immobile unshielded target? This carrier build is what makes the KFD appear to be overpowered. When fighting these carriers in PvP I feel like I am fighting the Breen from Deep Space Nine Season 7 rather than the KFD. The solution is to add a max energy drain cap so that these builds don't cripple entire teams.

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