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Originally Posted by jer5488 View Post
We actually got the old ship artist's attention and he was going to fix it. Then he went and quit. /frustration.

I shall be victorious, however. It'll be a Pyrrhic victory, I'm sure. But I shall be victorious.
CapnLogan quit out of pure frustration between all the controversy with the "Design the Next Enterprise" contest and the constant nitpicking of cosmetic problems as "serious bugs that should have never gone live".

Not to sound too snarky, but in the grand scheme of ship design, many of these issues are minor. Window color, minor shape issues (deflectors, etc.), even weapons hardpoints are low on the totem pole. When the sole ship designer (at the time) constantly get berated every time he was on the forums about windows or escape pod locations or when the Ambassador class was ever going to get launched, it took its toll. Especially when a ship might not look right because one is trying to keep the poly count at a reasonable level, or to make it fit with interchangeable ship parts, etc.

Believe me, I'm irked by no tbeing able to change the weapons used by my MVAE pets (more of a tech issue than ship art, by the way), or every time I put my MVAE back together, when it comes up with stock parts that magically look like my ship should when everything comes together (again, more tech than ship art, but still). I guess I should /bug that more. Speaking of which:

Best you can do is post about it, but not in a demeaning way, because that will probably just make the people you need to convince about this issue cynical towards fixing it. Also, /bug it, and /bug it some more.

But Obsidius, you say:

Originally Posted by jer5488 View Post
Still no fix - still no Dev/Gm response on either the forums or from my bug tickets.
GMs and devs never reply to bug reports, but they do get them. Priority will probably be increased by the number of reports they see. That's not to endorse spamming of the /bug system, however.

For that matter, Devs and GMs aren't required to respond to anything on the forums. It doesn't mean they don't read the forums. There's no correlation between reading and responding. It also doesn't mean they're not aware of your problems, but they don't dictate putting fixes on the schedule, or prioritizing the schedule.

Also, ship artists don't own ships carte blanche. As mentioned above, some issues are Tech issues, which are handled by programmers, and not artists. And I imagine their schedule is even more strict than the artists' schedules.

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