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# 2 [-A-] Collective Resources
11-07-2012, 03:44 PM
Welcome (back) to the Collective.

We are a Borg created fleet within Star Fleet and the Klingon Empire. We have recently open assimilation, er, recruitment to all players. If you are interested, please contact any member in-game or

We have several resources for all players:
- Ventrilo for voice
- Our own web site with our own domain
- A FaceBook group
- A Twitter account
- YouTube videos
- We use Pidgin to communicate with in-game players when out-of-game
- We are a member of HQ - an interfleet co-operative in game and on FaceBook

We coordinate with several other identities to include (but not limited to):
- Shining Stars Radio
- Fifth Fleet: Role playing group on FaceBook
- Our sister Klingon fleet, Trek Radio KDF
- Falor Thint: Musical scores
- House of Korax, our Klingon adversaries
- We meet monthly on the first Sunday of each month at Star Fleet Academy for those interested in meeting up with us. You might need to discover which instance, but we meet at the great seal of the Federation in the middle of the court.
- We have our own fleet theme as used on Shining Stars Radio for the Gaming News (7:30PM GMT [Mon-Fri])
- Jeri Ryan smilied at the naming of our space station as "Space Station Hansen" after her portrayed character on ST:VOY.

Typically, there are a few players in our chat channel at most times. We have members from around the world and all are to be assimilated, er, welcome to join.

*Collective is a fleet within Star Fleet in the Star Trek Online MMO game, not to be confused with "The Collective," "We Are Borg," or other Borg based fleets.