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11-07-2012, 02:50 PM
Previously getting a complete Mk XI set (X for Omega) would get you a 'basic' costume unlock - this would show up at the tailor in the drop-down as 'Omega Force' (or KHG etc.)

Getting the complete Mk XII set would unlock extra pieces including the helmets.

Getting Mk XII and completing all the optionals on Normal and Elite would unlock further parts (Harvester Armor for Omega, Hos for KHG).

It looks like these have all become 'types' in the new system and hence each will require a costume project to unlock.

However, as someone with all the Mk XII ground sets and costume options I can tell you that on Tribble, the Boffs can't be customized in the tailor. The only costume options available for them are the defaults toggled on and off from the armor (and only the armor) itself.
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