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11-07-2012, 04:20 PM
I have used both the Defiant and the Bop with end game gear. They both have weakness and they both have strengths. The bop can not survive a sustained battle, without getting into a whole heap of trouble. If you do not know what I mean by that, then you shouldn't be saying the klingons are op This is why it has battle cloak. Its strength, like an escort, can do a great deal of damage.The escort can take a pounding more so then a bop, and have sustained firepower. Its only weakness is its not a cruiser.

Klingon ships are built like they are because they are klingon. It would not make much sense to have a galaxy class starship shooting dual cannons. As that ship wouldn't beable to maneuver good enough to use them correctly. If you also look at the hull difference you will see the galaxy class is stronger then its counterpart the Neg'var. The Neg'var however being able to use dual heavy cannons, can move a bit better, and has LESS hull strength.

The Negh'var has a hull strength of 39k, with a bit better turn rate, and can equip dual cannons. Turn rate 9

The Galaxy class starship retrofit has 40k hull strength, with less turn rate, and can separate into two pieces. Turn rate 6

I think you find if you do the research almost all fed and Klingon ships match up like this.

As far as pvp goes I did the pvp on the fed side, and fed lost most of the team due to poor players. What I mean by that is most of the fed players I got stuck with went hot dogging infront of everyone else, and took on the entire Klingon fleets alone. This equal death. Also when ever they did attack they made the mistake of getting as close as possible to the klingon ships. Attacking a klingon ship from above limits his ability to do damage to you, with the small increase in hull strength and durability you can survive the fight longer then he can. He wont beable to bring his main weapons to bare.

Now I have seen this same song so many times in the mmo world. This faction is op, this faction sucks blah blah blah blah blah. Teams loose because they do not work together, or they use poor tactics, and lastly they have a poor strategy. This is the truth about mmorpg pvp.