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TZN Exclusive Interview with Ethan Calk from Star Trek: Renegades

TrekZone Network talked to Ethan Calk, co-author and co-producer of Renegades, about the background of the project, the producers' aspirations and the possibility of a pick-up by CBS.

The team around actor/director Tim Russ (Tuvok) and producer Sky Conway is back, six years after the release of their web film Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Their goal this time: a new Star Trek show. With Star Trek: Renegades they want to continue to tell the story of the 24th century and reveal a different side of the Federation. They plan to present their pilot to CBS as the basis for a possible new (web) series and want to finance the whole thing through crowdfunding.


This looks rather awesome, ive seen Of Gods and Men and it was awesome.