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As a result of an ongoing discussion I decided to get busy doing some tests on how consoles, skills points and weapons power interact with each other and how all this interacts with tac buffs. The tests where all done with energy weapons, so the results may be different for projectile weapons, i'd need to check.

1. All tac buffs, (plus APO), are straight multipliers on damage after all other effects. If several are active then the modifiers stack additively with each other and the final total is the multiplier.

2. Consoles only provide half the listed boost to damage and this boost is applied to the weapons base damage before skill point bonuses are added on.

3. Skill point bonuses are then added on separately of this total, in effect consoles neither benefit from skill points, nor themselves benefit skill points.

4. Weapons power is a multiplier on the total damage after additions from consoles and skill points. It is not additive with consoles as many have claimed as the benefit from consoles, (in percentage terms), remains constant from 50 power to 125 power. However at power settings below 50 the Console bonus does in fact begin to decrease. I have no concrete theory for this behavior except to suggest that an entirely separate and different formulae is used at below 50 power than at above 50 power and that at these setting the consoles interact differently with weapons power.

5. Tactical Fleet's listed damage modifier is wrong. It's actually 17.5%, not 30%.

So here's the current actual formulae for damage at weapons power setting of 50 or more:

(B + (B*S) + (B*(C/2)))*(0.02*(W-50)))*(APA+TF+APO+GDF)


B = Base weapons damage without Skill or any other modifiers.

S= Total benefit from skill points as decimal, (0.5 at 9 point sin all relevant skills).

C = Total console benefit as a decimal, (1.5 for 5 MkXII purple consoles).

W= Weapons Power

APA = Attack Pattern Alpha (0.5 at 100 Attack pattern skill)

TF = Tactical Fleet (0.175)

APO = Attack Pattern Omega (0.25 at 100 attack Pattern Skill)

GDF = Go Down Fighting, (0.248 at 100% hull remaining)

Figured te PvP forums would be the most intrested in the results, still need to figure out how BoFF skills besides APO interact with this though, mainly BO.

Okay BO worked out.

It adds damage to the base damage that is then multiplied by everythign else, (consoles, weapons power, tac bufs, everything).

The modifiers are +500% for BO1, +625% for BO2, and +750% for BO3. Or more simply base damage multiplied by 6/7.25/8.5.

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