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On topic....the BoP is a ship that allows novice players to feel powerful during the early levels of the game,as there are fewer skills for an opponent to use to defend himself against a BoP's attacks.But at higher levels,as more skills become available,the BoP's weakenesses become more apparent.Whatever argument you might have,the BoP as a ship is far more balanced (strenghts vs weaknesses) than the Fed ships that Cryptic keeps pouring into the C-store.At level cap it takes a lot more skill to fly a BoP,it's actually the hardest ship to master.

Now for the forum PvP.....

Originally Posted by levi3 View Post
No in fact I don't report any KDF players when they attack me - your Sig could be easily constitue trolling or flaming - and you have done it many times before - this new one which is a week old is only the first of a long line of Sigs where you have done that.

Hawk which I posted "quotes" in my "Launched the first I.K.S Levi3" thread openly asked KDF players to target and kill me.

Did not report that - so really what is said does not bother me.

Funny though I have received lots of warnings - and removal of my posts which even slightly are negative against KDF - are you KDFers reporting me? I thought you had stronger constitutions than to sink to that level.
Well need to grow a spine. You have been chumming the waters for weeks now....and now that the sharks have arrived and you have their attention,you are playing the victim.

You are like a little kid,pinching the other kids when they are not looking,and then runs to the teacher when he gets chased by the angry mob.