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11-07-2012, 07:05 PM
Sorry Brandon, I don't buy your explanation of this, the thing is it worked well enough. Now we have no idea at all if anyone is playing anything. Many people with limited time are simply not going to bother queuing in my opinion. If they don't bother queing it won't be long before they don't bother with the game and then we are all buggered.

Of all the questionable decisions the Dev team have made to this game i think this is the most obviously stupid ommission imaginable. I look at a Queue now and see it's almost full so i don't go for a pee or a coffee and the pop-up appears quickly. In the future I will have no idea and so will probably Q and if I happen to be at my computer when the pop-up appears then i will play, but there will be many a time that I won't be there unless you expect us to just sit looking at a screen for an unknown time period waiting for a potentially empty queue?

Can we have tripple face palm on this?

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