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11-07-2012, 06:27 PM
There's nothing to be gained by threatening anyone with the BBB. The Galaxy X/Venture is fully functional. It's a fun ship to fly and in most cases very awesome looking. Besides an off center cannon/dreadnought additions on the Galaxy Saucer and the missing windows on the Venture Saucer, it's - in my opinion - one of the better looking ships in the game.

Like I've mentioned before - remodeling the Galaxy Saucer would be VERY time intensive. Several hours at the bare minimum. Mirroring windows on the Venture would be at most a fifteen minute job.

I would like to see the Venture saucer fixed. I'll keep pestering - politely - to have the Venture saucer fixed. However I'm not going to threaten or harass the people who make and maintain a game I enjoy very much.