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Originally Posted by hortwort View Post
Every lifeform has babies. It's not singling any out.
There's a voice of reason! I wasn't singling anyone out, as ^this^ fellow pointed out. If you read this and change it to something else, you have the problem.

Originally Posted by tvlar View Post
Its a free universe, with a myriad of diversity, decide for yourself where you fit in that universe.
There is a myriad of diversity in humor as well, dry, dirty, morbid, puns, pranks, and a total lack of it...humor is often the theme here in Ten Forward, perhaps this isn't the place in the universe that you fit in.

Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
If you substitute races, genders, or other things for the babies, you are changing the nature of the joke, and it would become much more offensive pretty quickly.
Exactly, so nobody better change my joke! lol

P.S. I never said that the babies were deceased in the first place.
Thanks for the expansion that had "as much content as the last"
9 Episodes = 30+ episodes...?

It's pronounced "S.T.O." "Stow" sounds idiotic! lol