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11-07-2012, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by carcharodon1975 View Post
Now for the forum PvP.....

Well need to grow a spine. You have been chumming the waters for weeks now....and now that the sharks have arrived and you have their attention,you are playing the victim.

You are like a little kid,pinching the other kids when they are not looking,and then runs to the teacher when he gets chased by the angry mob.
Actually this is something between Roach and me. or bitemepwe if you have not been around here long enough.

Funny thing is as I said - I have always enjoyed the banter between the 2 of us - and that is why several post ago I called truce - cease-fire - I give up - because this one was getting way of topic and pointless - and I really don't care that much - so Next.