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11-07-2012, 06:38 PM
The official synopsis describes Renegades as "bold, edgy and a little dark".
I don't know about this, Stargate Universe did not do good things for the Stargate franchise, and they were using the same catchphrase "bold, edgy and a little dark".
We all know that even the Federation has a seedy underbelly but do we want to see a series about it?
If they are talking about crowdfunding then it clearly isn't going to be involving a major network, that's probably a good thing, we don't really need to see another abortion like Enterprise or some similar tripe that has Star Trek slapped on the box to try and milk a few more ounces of blood from the franchise.
Of Gods and Men and Star Trek Phase II were crowd funded webcasts and they are pretty good so I guess we'll see what they do with this.

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