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11-07-2012, 07:44 PM
This already is the case with commodity traders. You can buy certain items for less from various brokers at different outposts. There are even deals found on Vulcan and Andoria. Prior to F2P, different stations offered different equipment for the various marks and medals but when things changed over to dilithium the need to fly to a particular base went away.

I would agree that to stimulate traffic at most outposts there needs to be more reason to go there especially since it no longer takes very long to level up. People don't spend time near SB39, or battle group omega, and soon no one will need to go to Bajor or DS9. In the beginning, it would take you quite some time to get to VA but with F2P that was changed to speed people to end game content. I think BORG mod items should be put back for purchase at battle group omega and put romulan items at SB39 or new romulus. A RP type game shouldn't be buying from your UI tray for everything. As it is now you won't need to to fly anywhere, just open your PVE queue and join a queue and when you level up on your UI system just buy right from the screen. It sounds more like zynga and farmville on facebook than an MMORPG.