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So here's the current actual formulae for damage at weapons power setting of 50 or more:

(B + (B*S) + (B*(C/2)))*(0.02*(W-50)))*(APA+TF+APO+GDF)


B = Base weapons damage without Skill or any other modifiers.

S= Total benefit from skill points as decimal, (0.5 at 9 point sin all relevant skills).

C = Total console benefit as a decimal, (1.5 for 5 MkXII purple consoles).

W= Weapons Power

APA = Attack Pattern Alpha (0.5 at 100 Attack pattern skill)

TF = Tactical Fleet (0.175)

APO = Attack Pattern Omega (0.25 at 100 attack Pattern Skill)

GDF = Go Down Fighting, (0.248 at 100% hull remaining)
So if I'm reading this correctly:

1) Tac console benefit is actually rather small compared to the benefit from skills. So does this prove that it is better to get a torp console, then stack energy type consoles if you run a DBB, DHC, DHC, torp on fore, as the base damage of a torp is very much higher than an energy weapon and so will get more significant effect from just 1 console vs stacking all 5? This assumes that the torp is hitting bare hull.

Or is stacking all 5 a better idea, because each console benefits rather little and therefore you need more to get out of your weapons?

But if anything, this proves that pretty much whatever spec you are you should get all the base weapon talents

Do you know where does the crit multiple apply? Is it by multiplying this entire formula (and hence giving us the insane 100k lolcrit on BO3 we tacs are infamous for?)

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Figured te PvP forums would be the most intrested in the results, still need to figure out how BoFF skills besides APO interact with this though, mainly BO.
Hope to read about what you've found

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Okay BO worked out.

It adds damage to the base damage that is then multiplied by everythign else, (consoles, weapons power, tac bufs, everything).

The modifiers are +500% for BO1, +625% for BO2, and +750% for BO3. Or more simply base damage multiplied by 6/7.25/8.5.
...that means after everything applied BO3 will hit like a twuck. But I also want my CRF2 and APO3. Dilemmaz.