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11-07-2012, 08:42 PM
After seeing all the conversions it doesn't seem good at all.

500+ edc
100 proto salvage
40 rare salvage
15 space proto techs
4500 omega marks
15 BNP
24k dilithium ore

Why is this conversion even teired? Cause no one will get what they actually deserve.
Like comparing mine to lowestlvl's conversion above me, even though I have substantially more possible high end gear purchasing power, it gets distilled down into about half a piece of a MKXII set advantage over him.

Should be per item.

Eg 1x space proto tech = 10BNP, 1000 marks and 34k _refined_ dilithium
That would allow me to get exactly the same thing in S7 as I can right now in S6.

I can buy 15 MKXII space gear set pieces right now, after conversion I get 3 pieces worth of BNPs and not enough dilithium to even buy 1.

I'm failing to see how this conversion rate is advantageous to the players.
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