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The conversion rate as it currently stands is preposterous. Months of effort spent amassing tremendous purchasing power in the existing STF store will be decimated, replaced by scarcely enough to buy a couple pieces of Mark XII gear.

I would urge the developers to reconsider this conversion rate. It's not fair. It doesn't retain even a semblance of purchasing power parity. It doesn't reward players for their efforts. To the contrary, the nominal compensation given by the conversion is so meager as to be insulting.

I understand the desire to give players a reason to play through the new reputation system in its entirety. That means a grind of the STFs and other content. But for those of us who *have* been grinding faithfully, this conversion rate seems like something of a betrayal.

Please reconsider the conversion rate. I, and others, would vastly prefer something less draconian. Veteran players will thank you, and continue to be veteran players. A more beneficial conversion rate will cost Cryptic nothing.