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11-07-2012, 08:45 PM
The classic trinity hasn't held up well in this game but if you like a more "support" focused roll sci is your best bet for happiness.

If you want to try out the other two I'd recommend tactical(the golden child that is favored above all others by the games mechanics) then engineer(PVE easy mode and the least potent but still underrated class).

I'd need to see your build to offer real advice but try to get and use TBR(tractor beam repulsors) and GW3(gravity well 3) as your primary damage powers on a sci ship, I find those give me my "space sorcerer" fix (even if I have to adjust my aux power like I'm shifting gears).

Sci's support style buffs are nice for carriers and teams but don't do much for single ship PVE. so lining up your captain powers together on the bottom line of the power tray and hitting your team buffs after summoning "fleet support" and/or "photonic fleet" will make your flimsy pets a touch more useful. This is especially true for carriers.

Sci ships suffer from the largest Doff dependency of any profession and have to be fine tuned for each and every build. Generic Doff arrangements just don't seem to work well as a single gravity well Doff or T.T. Doff can make a world of difference. Using damage control engineers to "cruiser up" with near permanent EPtS2 and EPtW1 seems to work wonders on my carriers after the flight deck officer nerf.

The big thing with sci's and tac's is getting the most out of their captain abilities, they have the best powers and can make a big difference in how a ship will handle. Engineer's powers are far less impressive unless you're tanking a massive spawn or being an immortal escort/carrier just to screw with people.

P.S. STF borg and PC's are VERY resistant to sci powers and are practically immune to them some of the time. Try a mirror event to see what Sci used to be like.