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Originally Posted by shookyang View Post
I believe Aux increases your hull heals. If you have lower power, when you decloak to fire, you will lose that Aux.

It's fine if you heal while cloaked, but if you need to do it while you're not cloaked (in an emergency situation), then your heals won't be healing at their potential.

Also, Aux buffs your Sci abilities if you were to use Gravity Well or something.

I have my engines at 74 or something, and that seems to be plenty fast as it is. Don't want to beat your bio-neural warhead to your target and risk splash damage with no shields.
It adjusts a couple of them: Aux to structural and HE.

True though in that with low aux power while uncloaked, you could be really hurting, though if you don't start running, healing or no, you might be dead anyways.

Outrunning a Bio-neural would be kinda funny though. Still, good point.

I can't actually test and see if this is a viable, usable idea since I don't have that kind of EC to do so. Still, it was a different kind of thought at least.

Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
The biggest change I would like to see is a more balanced take on that 3 second decloak I believe when using certain boff skills that it should do the 3 second decloaking because the way torpedoes work and even transphasic its too much of a downside playing a b'rel for its intended use.

Although due to the majority of the player base not playing KDF the functionality of the b'rel well cater to the faction not playing it because as we have seen with the lack of development of the KDF faction they do not care about the KDF because it doesn't bring them the kind of money they want to see out of it and money talks. Unless some KDF person writes them a check for a million dollars to do KDF development we will never see anything more than lockbox crap for the KDF.
If memory serves, in the past, the B'rel used to never, or almost never decloak unless you chose to, or got hit with a de-cloaking abillity. So you could almost constantly heal from a cloaked B'rel, another KDF ship, and they would never ever seem to die.

Though I believe lotsa Fed whining took place, and thus the 3 second decloak was put in.

But a player who's been on the forums and game longer than me could probably give a more exact story.

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