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Long story short:

Before working here, I wrote a parody song about STO that was about the Borg. In the original Infected, you had to take out the nodes and it was always a joke when we got to that one because it was on a box to the left (Beyonce: to the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left -- Brandon: to the left, to the left, target that node on the box to the left). Then the node was removed during the revamp, (right after I started working here) and then the song didn't make sense anymore. I told Gozer, and he put it back and called it Brandon's Node LOL

Subspace Radio plays the song once in a while. You can request it


Brandon =/\=
Hehe, a very interesting story indeed. With that information about the nodes, I looked at an old version of the STO Wiki article walkthrough. According to that, the nodes had to be destroyed or the borg would respawn into infinity . From what you are saying, it sounds like your node used to be a very powerful entity. Thanks for sharing the backstory . As for the song, I will certainly submit a request for it. Do you happen to know the song title?