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11-07-2012, 10:52 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
But it was, kinda. Let me explain.

The reason we decided to remove the number of players displayed in the queue is because the information being reported was inaccurate. It would often times report a false number of players queued for individual events.
I can tell you right now this is false. The amount of "false positives" were a) never an issue with the playerbase b) never reported as an issue and c) even if existent, not changing the experience. As an avid player using the cues I can tell you that they were certainly "Working as Intended" for the most part. Getting rid of the amount cued isn't going to make more people play Breaking the Planet or any other Grindfest Fleet Action you guys throw together ffs...

So on one hand you have a supposedly "perceived" issue internally and on the other a VERY OBVIOUS issue that people ARE complaining about...the fact that this is even an "internal discussion" is mind boggling.

We've removed this column for Season 7 because we do not feel it was reporting queue population properly and was giving false positives, when in fact most events are busy around the clock.
This is patently false. Many of the fleet actions are almost always ghost towns and not "busy around the clock" (See: "Breaking the Planet", "Romulan Temple (Big Dig)), "No Win Scenario", etc...)

Other popular MMO games do not display population in queues and manage just fine, so we are going to leave this column out for the S7 launch and see how it goes under a full population of users.
Take some pride in this game ffs: Just because another MMO does it doesn't mean we should. Other MMOs don't drastically change currencies every other season...why don't we copy that aspect?!!?!?

Look - it was YOU guys that forced everything into a cue system many seasons ago. We WARNED you that forcing everything into a cue would cause problems. Instead of leaving open instances for us to jump into (like the way SB 24 used to be...) we are now forced to wait until the minimum amount of players are there. With Limited playtime, how am i to make an informed decision on which cue will likely open the soonest? Talk about false positives, now you will have people "buckshotting" the cues in the hopes of getting into one that will play soon. Barring that, they will simply crowd to cues they know are usually populated, such as ISE and Colony Invasion. How does THAT help your internal metrics?

In closing, the people have spoken. Yes, the cosmetic changes are nice, but without the number of people cued, the Emperor really DOESN'T have any clothes...