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Originally Posted by rodentmaster View Post
LOL you must have stock in PWE to suggest that.

P.S. My comments about the oddy were not narrow minded. They were the subject of a year's extensive use and testing, retesting, readjusting, my builds many times over.

For a sci, the oddy is absolutely worthless. For a TAC you gain very little and sacrifice far too much to get it. The only effective solution is running it as an ENG cruiser. I say ENG as in boff slots, not captain class. My tac and my eng characters both use it in similar fashions with good results, but that's with the LtCDR slot as an eng.
I don't own jack squat in stock for PWE, and I still say the Oddy is the best spent zen I have ever done in this game. I have all 3, and I use the tac oddy with great effect in both PvE and PvP. I don't know what your problem is, but dismissing a ship outright is not only rude, but downright biased. Just because your experience with the ship was garbage, don't assume someone else won't have fun with it. Hell I got into my oddy, and now it takes a full team of my IRL friends yelling at me to get me out. And they don't do it. Because they know my oddy does it's job. And does it well. And that's with my LtCmdr as a tac.

I say buy both packs and experiment with them. Find which one YOU like, and screw what everyone else says. If I listened to what everyone else said, I would never have gotten the Odyssey 3 pack and would be flying my FPE all the time. As is, I got it, and now I enjoy all 3 ships.
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