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11-07-2012, 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
But it was, kinda. Let me explain.

The reason we decided to remove the number of players displayed in the queue is because the information being reported was inaccurate.

I have to agree with another poster in this thread. If a queue has people it always starts right away, or at most a minute. If it has none it will NEVER start. Anyone that has used the queue system extensively can right away see the benefits of showing the number of players queued. I think you are either being misled or there is a pretty huge snafu in communication somewhere in the line.

Even if the number was misleading it was much better than not having anything at all. I think this has more to do with trying to get more players to queue to more things instead of the same 5 or 6 things. If it really was about just the numbers being misleading it would've been FIXED wouldn't it? STFs already got a nerf to Dil and the STF store with easy access to relatively decent weapons was removed entirely. At this rate they will be nerfing Colony Invasion and Starbase Incursion next!

Of course, option "B" is that the queued players number simply was a victim of Cryptic's scorched earth policy concerning minor bugs that are tough to fix. I think we can all think of more than a few things that were taken out entirely instead of ever getting fixed. Easier to simply remove the feature where the bug shows up than to fix it. Better yet, a finicky feature removed is a future source of bugs forever removed!.....yay......

Supporting all this is that this was a known problem brought up when it showed up on tribble.... so unless they don't bother to read the feedback of their testers they known about it.

This is sad. I can't decide what is more likely in play here, lazy incompetence or Machiavellian PWE game design theory. This is really sad, I'm not kidding. Its like everytime we get a little insight into Cryptic and we start putting 2 and 2 together we get more and more disappointed. Its either they don't want to bother fixing a bug in a system the players like, ripping it out altogether because it'd be "too hard" to "properly fix" and "get right". Or, they really are trying to push players into diversifying and prolonging their play sessions by nerfing the good stuff (STFs) instead of improving the bad stuff (the old, long, boring repetitive Fleet Actions)

I just keep reminding myself its not the devs fault, this comes from management.