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11-07-2012, 11:56 PM
If you're in an ENG cruiser like the AC or mirror SC, one of the best setups you can do is EPTS3x2 + EPTW1x2 (or swapt if you must, EPTW3 and EPTS1, but you're losing a lot here). When shield power is over 125 amazing things happen. Incoming damage is reduced significantly.

You run shields so that you get 125 with EPTS3, dump as much of the rest as you can into weapons, and then chain them nonstop. EPTS3, EPTW1, EPTS3, EPTW1. They allow for constant uptime of shield power along with boosted DPS from beam arrays because you are running higher power levels.

Now, I will say ENGs do have the nice +power-to-all-systems skill, but this has a very long cooldown time, compared to EPTx.

That also still allows A2SIF3, ExtShlds, ET, any other skills that are quite helpful in team healing. Or if you're selfish include A2ID or EPTEngines to help you get around faster.

That still leaves you 1 polarize hull slot, a hazard emitter, and for the starcruiser you can tack on another healing power like TSS with the extra sci slot.