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11-08-2012, 12:59 AM
@P2W: I think I see what I did there, the tac modifiers should be (1+(APA+TF+APO+GDF)). Regardless is tac modifiers are 0 that section of the equation can be dropped. Your version may be correct too, a bit too tired to think it through, just woke up. Also I only checked at 50/75/100/125 power but it is currently linear at a rate of +0.02% per point of power. At values below 50 a different formulae is in effect that i wasn't able to work out. Suffice to say given how it interacts with consoles my guess is it's an even bigger negative than previously thought as i suspect it interacts with skil points, and maybe tac buffs in the same way.

@Dontdrunkimshoot: the difference between a 4 and 5 console ship with MkXII purples is +7% across the board. Because of the way they fail to interact with skill points and their halved real magnitude of benefit, for someone running 9 ranks in all relevant skills the magnitude of benefit can be determined by adding up all console percentages, converting to decimal, and then dividing by 3. Add a 1 on the front of the result and this is your modifier. Or basically 5 MkXII purples are a 1.5 multiplier whilst 4 are a 1.4 multiplier.

@bitemepwe: That?s what I thought, but it isn't what i found. Sorry.

Anyway gtg. Work.