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Originally Posted by badname834854 View Post
.....OR you could just give us a Fleet version of the Maurader Flight Deck Carrier with a slightly better turn rate and/or the ability to mount heavy cannons.
i was going to say something like that, but i think the design the OP propesed is sound and solid. nice counter to the vesta. and deserves a completely new ship.
But as you said, this layout is made for a orion or nausican design. It just reads like some pirate ship, with all that abilities. Or finally a kitty carrier for the KDF, i mean a ferasan style ship. just brainstorming...

imho, that ship must look nausican or orion, period.

PS: to be honest some kind of strike carrier is already ingame: the karfi. sure it turns slow, but the 5 tac boff slots, 4 front weapons and 3 tac consoles give it some serious punch. in PVE the DHC work just fine on it.
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