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11-08-2012, 12:24 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
I'd like to go a little further on that statement:
why not give all ships a build in torpedo launcher (like a hangar) cruisers get 2 one front one aft and they operate with 180 degree angle.
sci ships get 1 front with 180 degree angle too and escorts a 90 degree torp launcher front only.
Now you can put in a torpedo launcher (or a mine launcher) into those slots and fire torpedos as usual. problem solved.
The only problem I can spot with this is if it's built in then we might well be left without control of what type we're using. I suggested the idea of a dual torp launcher (cruiser only as if it were mountable on all ships escorts would have the power to make it OP but if we only exclude them they'd be up in arms) mountable both ends thus giving reason to break broadside