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11-08-2012, 12:37 AM
NEVER, in any MMO i have played, have i ever seen the dev team so savagely butchering and amputating players of rewards they SPENT time accumulating LEGITELY.

There are no cheats to get Prototype Ground Borg Techs. Players had to be THERE and SPENT the time and be LUCKY over all that to acquire them.

All the rewards they got over the past months, players DESERVED them.

Other than the Dilithium Daily Officer 3 clicks which i myself find borderline an exploit, ALL OTHER content in game was grinded HARD, especially STF content ( for most players ).

I simply am flabergasted by the way devs are acting here.

Devs would tell us that they are about to do a server wipe and it would feel just BARELY harshier than what they are about to do.

So yes, cash out your chips now while you can, because real life IRS looks like gentlemen compared to STO and Perfect World bosses.

I think even casino shylocks offer better rates than Cryptic.