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11-08-2012, 12:41 AM
Most people using queues on a regular basis can make quite accurate guesses on when queues will start or if it even makes sense to queue thanks to the number of players already in there. It's no surprise that instances need a couple seconds to start after the required number of people has queued and as many others have pointed out, the numbers shown look quite accurate to me.

It has been made quite clear that Cryptic has no intention to bring the numbers back, but if you really had to take something out, why not just the absolutly useless average waiting time? You know, the column that really is incorrect in many situations. I'd really like to see all those invisible queued players that have been mentioned in low level PvP queues, KDF queues and generally during times that are not prime time US.

Funny example. Low level PvP queues seem to pop always shortly after the required number of 8 players is reached. The only thing inaccurate there is the average waiting time, which even if there are only 2 people in the queue shows about 30 minutes. So this either means I'm usually leveling new characters in about 3 hours to VA or those 5 to 6 PvP matches I get till a character is VA do not pop every 30 minutes.

So yes, the number of players is important to see if it makes sense to queue for something at the moment or not, to decide if it makes sense to maybe wait another 5 minutes for a queue to start, to actually decide for which 3 things to queue (the most important thing here IMHO). Stop finding implausible excuses for why features that obviously worked quite fine are taken away. Maybe Cryptic should start a discussion about taking internal discussions about feedback more serious and when they've finished talking something can be done.
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