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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Yep - right now I can buy 7 pieces of Mk XII ground or space gear with my Proto Tech - that doesn't even touch on what I can buy with the 150 EDCs, 40 Proto Salvage and 52 Rare Salvage.

My box on Tribble nets me 3000 Marks, 13 BNPs and 4000 Dilithium. Even assuming I actually get 26 BNPs (which it seems, I won't) I can buy precisely 2 pieces of Mk XII ground or space with its contents (and I'll have to pay Dilithium on top since the quantity in the box doesn't cover it).


*Edit* based on what I've got and the costs listed - to have 'comparative' (though still lesser) value from this crate I would expect to receive:

6750 Omega Marks
70 Borg Neural Processors
173,000 Dilithium (which should be refined)

= 3 x Mk XI Space, 2 x Mk XII Space 5 x Mk XII Ground.

That still doesn't take into account the value of the Rare and Proto Salvage (just the Tech and EDCs). All talk of retaining our 'purchasing power' is quite simply a bare-faced lie.
Values are fine and I think a little more reasonable, but to the end of being refined, no. It wouldn't be refined if you cash it out now, nor should it be when you crack open the case.