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11-08-2012, 12:42 AM
I put this in another thread a long time ago. but it explains how torpedo damage work.

It might help get the energy nailed down. last time i checked it was dead on with in game values.

"each torpedo type has a base damage(standard issue below mk 1) i know not every has a standard issue level but they do have a number.

the base numbers are

Photon - 1352.00
Transphasic - 978.20
Chroniton - 1157.75
Plasma - 1061.00
Tricobalt - 4153.50
Quantum - 1503.00

now for all the things that add damage.

rarity is 2.5% per level (so very rare is 7.5%, rare is 5.0%, uncommon is 2.5%)

Skills is .5% per point (so 49.5% for 99points in starship weapons training 49.5% for starship projectile weapons and 12.5% for doff +25 bonus)

going form base damage to mk 1 is 8.1362%

every mk after is 10.2% per level (so at mk xii you have a total bonus of 120.3365%

player lvl adds .0388468615825ish lol per level (lvl 50 total bonus is 1.94%)

Dmg modifier is 5% each (so Dmgx3 is 15%)

tactial consoles add a what they say they add (5 consoles at 30% is 150%)

now for set bonuses i think they work like consoles (so breen 30% or honor guard 25%)

the rules 62 console i think is the same way (11%?)

so adding together 7.5%(very rare), 15%(dmgx3), 111.5%(99 points, 99 points, and 25 points), 120.34%(MK XII), 1.94%(level 50) 150.63%(5 Tactical Consoles), 30%(breen set), 11%(rule 63 console) you get 447.9% total bonus on transphasic torpedos

978.2 * 447.9% is 4381.3

4381.3 plus the base damage of 978.2 is 5360

so the max damage per torpedo without any powers is 5360"

I will see if i can find my excel file that did all the math for you, you just picked what you had.