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11-08-2012, 02:13 AM
I would just like to add that I think tanking can work really well for cruisers in pvp if you are spec. out for team healing.

Everyone knows that a good heal boat is very hard to kill. This frees up heals so you don?t have to use them on yourself. Then you can focus on healing the person being attacked and make a weak target much much stronger.

If the heal boat does fail to protect the other ships then they will still have heals for themselves when the damage gets put back onto them. Hopefully you can live long enough for the other team to use their buffs trying to kill you. That way they have no buffs and your team is back fully buffed.

What is hard about doing it this way is you have to be fully committed to healing. You have to start every match thinking that you will have the lowest damage but the highest heals. Not just your team both teams and you should try to even beat or match your healing with the highest damage of the other team.

Think of tanking not as how much damage you can take but how much you can counter.