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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
Or torpedos become a commodity and you must stockpile torpedos in a device like slot on your ship. Cruisers have 4 slots with a stack of 250 each. sci vessels have 3 slots and escorts only 2. That would mean you can variate during combat what kind of torpedo you like to fire.
Example: there are 4 spheres with shields infront of me...i switch to transphasics for a spread. their shields are gone i go back to photons or quantum.
Sounds like a nice plan to screw all sci torpedo boats. Good job...

With STOs combat mechanics in mind, why not just keep it the way it is? People who think they need torpedoes for their cruiser can do this, they only have to divert the necessary skill points from other more useful skills. People who want a wider angle allready can do this with Ferengi missiles and the Wide Angle Quantum Torp.

For PvE it's not hard to utilize torpedoes on cruisers if you really want too. For PvP, they will not become more viable just because they have a wider angle.
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