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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
2 or 3 heal boats supporting each other and the rest of the team can throw so many heals that no amount of escort damage can break through the volume of it. in a proper premade healing is so much stronger then damage that you can only get a kill by haveing a science befuddle a healer, or by stacking so many sci debuffs on a target that the escorts can finally deal more damage then the healers can heal. thats the 3 ship type system working.

in pugs, lone cruiser can more or less protect himself fine with a good build, but cant do much more then that. theres not enough team work and cross healing so lone cruisers often fall prey to escorts easily, leading to complaint threads about how much they suck.
true, yet three healboats going through the motions of repeated alphas will survive. However, they won't score a kill either. So the best an eng heavy team can hope for is a stalemate.

I was thinking the other day about reviving the crew mechanic, to make sure 45min matches can result in 15 kills. I'm not yet sure how to apply the numbers, but basically on top of what we currently have affecting crew, it should become mechanic that simply tics over time, after e.g. 45 min cruisers pressure dmg, combined with their large crew, would get a significant boost, over escort burst damage, which would suffer the most from the crew based penalty.

If your burst ain't strong enough, you should die. Currently, you only die to procs (on both sides) or to your healing cycle getting screwed (aka falling asleep at the keyboard), we need a "penalty" for burst ships, not doing their job good enough that results in a kill.
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