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11-08-2012, 01:37 AM
I only play with PUGs, i never ever joined a fleet since the game went live. I never liked to be part of an organization, i am kinda rogue and scoundrel.

I have done countless Elite STFs with all kind of people. I have seen it all.

And i can tell this, things go wrong in a STF when:

- Someone decides to make things harder for the others on PURPOSE. ( pulling extra agro, going AFK in middle of battle, etc... )

- Lack of communication or impossibility to communicate ( youd be surprised of how many germans can't speak english and vice versa ).

- Lack of awareness. Player lack experience, don't know what target to priorize, mob placements and objective to be done. Easily FIXED with Communication most of the time.

- Totally Inept Player ( very rare case when a player really have no idea how to equip a Kit or how to even fire a weapon. To be honest, when that happens i assume it is a very young kid who is behind the screen who probably cant even comprehend the skill descriptions ) I cannot stress how RARE that even happened in ALL the STFs i ran.

- Finally Mistakes , Misfiring, Bad connection, Bad Luck. It happens. The best players sometimes fall in the soup in Infected Ground. It happens. The best players sometimes misclick and fire at wrong target, or destroy a node too fast because another player fired at same time than him.. It happens.

Other than that, i found out GEAR is pretty much irrelevant to complete Elite STF. You can do just fine with normal MK X gear. Gear can make you better and give you a better chance to complete Optional objectives within time. But again, i believe any experienced player that work well with a team can get by and do good enough with basic gear.

On ground, your Class is irrelevant. Sci, Tact or Engi can all do great in the hands of a player who can leverage them and synergize with teamates. Any Kit can be useful if you know how to use it and when.

In space, ships can make a difference for the optional, many favor DPS Escorts but again i have seem 5 slow cruisers do just fine so it is open to debate... I play with PUGs anyway, so i adapt and play with what we have.