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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post
They bother in other MMO's...

Seriously, it's a minor little thing; people aren't gonna leave simply because of this.

My two cents
I think the level of feedback and generally unanimous concern in this post alone tells you this is NOT a minor little thing. If I don't know a queue has people in it i probably won't bother entering it which means it will have one less person in it, multiply that obvious effect across the game population and you have a whole lot of empty queues which take perhaps hours to fill. There will be just a handful of queues that people bother with such as fleet alert and ise, the rest will gather dust and as a result the player base will get bored very quickly and do something different.

As I said before, a monumental miscalculation justified by a plainly absurd argument given to Brandon by a Dev team that forgot to add it when the coding was finished and now don't want to have to do it again because it would delay S7 and the sale of the Vesta. They are putting short term financial gain ahead of the continued success of the game and the wishes of the the most vocal and committed fans - or in orther words commercial suicide brought about by incompetence and inability to admit mistakes.

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