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11-08-2012, 02:19 AM
I agree with glassguitar, consoles would be awesome to buy on the c-store maybe even have a c-store section for KDF FASHION!!!!!

I could link up so many clothing items that would tick that box... for a content designer to go! Oooo! I know what I could do with that!

Chain Styled Armour top + chain skirt - Alien

Fingerless Gloves - I think a good ammount of Klingons on Star Trek Episodes have such gloves.

Klingon Female dress coat - some KDF female toons would like their BoP's on show without having an Elite Honour Guard Set. *and actually not being an Orion* <-edit

Sash Colour changing?
Tactical?Science? - Yellow for Engineers?

Not a Good pic but!
Be'Lannas klingon dress - Klingons need GREEN for their colours!

I'll stop now