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Originally Posted by decker03 View Post
Sounds like a nice plan to screw all sci torpedo boats. Good job...

With STOs combat mechanics in mind, why not just keep it the way it is? People who think they need torpedoes for their cruiser can do this, they only have to divert the necessary skill points from other more useful skills. People who want a wider angle allready can do this with Ferengi missiles and the Wide Angle Quantum Torp.

For PvE it's not hard to utilize torpedoes on cruisers if you really want too. For PvP, they will not become more viable just because they have a wider angle.
i did not think about that. thx for pointing it out.

my initial idea was to have torpedos as a standard fit for any ship, and as cruisers are the bigger ships they naturally have the highest torpedo stockpile and launcher number. And to add to the game mechanic that torpedos are a resource like devices that are not indefinately available in combat, and since not all torpedos are suiteable for all situations, to be able to have a variation during combat seems interesting, atleast to me.

however i fail to see how skilling projectile weapons forces anybody to miss out the more usefull skills since the last 3 are mostly irrelevant and not worth it. I mean there surely are more usefull skills than others, but to make projektile weapons worthwile doesn't mean you cripple your skills somewhere else.
sure there isn't much sense in skilling projectile weapons if you go 8 beams...but the points gained there only mean minor gain in the higher tiers or a sci power more that may not even be usefull for the build (i'm looking at you flow capacitator)
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