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11-08-2012, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by salvidlin View Post
Many people are having this problem it seems to various degrees.

I have had the problem for over a week now and the only response i have ever gotten was that its must be something on my end and that i should reboot my router and my computer. I have done that several times since the problem started and it has not helped at all.

At one point they said it was because of maintenance by Cogent or something like that but my trace route does not even go through any of the servers that cogent runs.

as far as i can tell, either thier firewall is blocking addresses it should not be blocking (like the dynamic IP address space that verizon in my area uses) or the patch server is blocking the ip addresses or for some reason the firewall server is not routing the traffic properly.

Whatever the case is, thier game and thier websites are the only places i have found that i have any problems reaching. I have spent all day playing a different online game since my issue apparently can not be fixed.
I've tried many things and more than many posts suggests but still not works, I'm sad cause I've spent some money on this game, but if this bug can't be fixed I will "fly away" toward a new on line game...that's a pity but I don't wanna go crazy following any suggestion when no one of these suggestions works and they don't fix it and don't post a serious reply ...I think they could say " wait for a week and we will fix it"..they only try and I think they don't know what are doing really that's not a good impression for a game who makes you spend real money....even if the launcher will start to work again I will always have doubt about spending more monoey knowing that some day i can't play cause they aren't able to fix issues....