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First off, are you talking about sci ships or sci captains here? You kind of go off on tangents for both. Second, have you ever fielded a serious team with 4 good sci captains on it? People begin to hate you very quickly saying its cheap to bring 4 sci captains on a team....
There are a lot of these types who seem to think that Sci should be able to do everything: they want the damage of a Tac, the heals of an Eng and the hard CC of a Sci (albeit most don't seem to be familiar with or understand what "crowd control" is).

Again I don't know what STO they're playing, because the one I'm in it's not uncommon to see real teams field 3+ Scis per game. And Sci does not have the monopoly on underpowered or buggy skills, either, in fact I'd say the pain is spread quite evenly between all three classes (Sci arguably has more useful heals/resists/cleanses than Eng, even).

These people need to make up their minds about what they want Sci doing, because if they want the ability to do Tac damage/Eng heal and tote a subnuke for good measure, they're going to be disappointed. I don't know how it was in the past but that's not how the game should be designed.

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