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Originally Posted by illcadia View Post
As per the weapon itself, it's an energy weapon. It just deals kinetic damage. So tetryon glider should work with it.

The question is why all the beam skills don't work with it, but presumably that's because it's 360 degree and the beam skills might be op if they did, but IMO that's a ridiculous reason.


It would be OP, escorts would be able to drop your shields at the beginning of an alpha and absolutely murder you. Plus the added damage of the cutting beam on hull, and wouldn't give up anything in the process. Right now they at least have to swap out a heavy cannon with a dual beam bank, or they have to drop a turret for a rear mounted array.

I understand why they don't count it as a beam weapon, but I do think they should change the name to "kinetic cutting laser" to avoid confusion.

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