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Originally Posted by tlamstrike View Post
Actually the two largest Federation ships at Wolf 359 were the Ambassador class Yamaguchi and Nebula class Bellerophon. The Defiant and Sovereign classes were not yet built.
Wasn't Wolf 359 the battle at the start of First Contact? Or was it the one in the TNG series? I forget tbh.

Edit: Nvm, someone cleared it up. I was thinking of the battle for Sector 001 in First Contact.

Edit 2: Having caught up with the posts in this thread, I'm left wondering why some of you are even in fleets at all. You don't seem to have any inclination to work with your fleet's lower ranked members. If you don't like encountering lower levels in the PvE queue that is expressly set up to allow for all ranks to work together, then simple, stay out of that PvE queue and put together your own group for those events.

But don't complain that a fleet event actually allows fleets to work together regardless of rank. This is working as intended, and I for one, like it.

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